Casualties of winter

“The National Weather Service in Portland has issued a Blizzard Warning for the Cascades…winds of 40 to 60…gusts of 75 to 95. Gusts reaching 100 to 130 on peaks and ridges. Snow accumulations of a foot or more...whiteout conditions occurring frequently. Do not travel. If you must travel...have a winter survival kit with you. If you get stranded...stay with your vehicle.”

Relatives of the lost climbers have flown in from all over the country, but I believe the search will soon be called off. No matter how much relatives might want it to continue, the risk to the searchers must be weighed against the odds that poorly equipped climbers who have been at 11,000’ for eight days are alive. So far this winter, an eight-year old boy was lost (and never found) at Crater Lake; two snowmobilers were lost near Mt. Bachelor (both were found but one died); and a family was lost in their car (the woman and two children were rescued, but the father died).

There could be other exposure-related deaths that I am unaware of since the newsworthiness of a story depends upon how long the drama continues and how appealing the victims are. For example, the prominent parents and their two baby girls received national attention, whereas the male snowmobilers were hardly mentioned even locally.

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Sonia ;) said...

We once a had supposed news worthy tid said "body found in local lot, may be gang related." I was like oh my thats not far from home actually like 3 miles. Had asked the kids I knew at the High School I had been working as "The Cool Lunch Lady" at the not so "good reputation High School". The kids who lived in that mostly hispanic neighborhood wer "Like nooo, I will ask my mom"...So that evening on the news, paper and for further weeks Nothing. I and my husband took our car to be inspected at this lil place near that Lot with gang related death. As we sat waiting and chatting with the owners...they told the story of the Lil Man who took care of his friend. We would see them walking in their raggedy clothes and worn skin. Never asking for anything from anyone, though homeless. Whe we would see him helping his elderly friend our hearts would beat. We would give him blankets, food, and money..and he always went into the store buy food and drink(juice) for him and his friend. Well the gang related killing that supposedly disappeared as quickly as it became news worthy, was his lil friend...He died. The owner of the inspection station said the lil man came to them (can only speak spanish)saying my friend my friend not wake up. They called the ambulance. How said to be a story when it is something Negative as Gang related. Then to be acknowledged as a homeless person not asking for nothing just thrown to the way (mentally disabled..he and his friend)....That day my heart cried for him with the worn dark leathered skin pushing his lil tiny cart(kind old ppl use for laundry), hunched over and tired.

Thank you for that post it touched me.