“The greatest purveyor of violence in the world today—my own government.” MLK, Jr.

We’ve killed millions since King said those words in 1967, and now we’ve re-elected a president to whom the Constitution means nothing if it gets in the way of what he wants to do. Perhaps, his worst sin in this regard was that he executed one of his own countrymen—Anwar al Awlaki—without the Constitutionally guaranteed benefit of a trial. Of course, the other candidate made it clear that he was even more passionate than Obama about the president being a law unto himself, so it’s not like we had a viable option.

Why is it that Canada, Britain, Australia, and much of the rest of the world supports America? Don’t they know we’re criminally insane over here? Don’t they know we’re like a black hole that sucks whole worlds into its gaping jaws and squeezes them out of existence? Since I was born in 1949, my country has attacked, or supported attacks, on nation after nation for little or no reason, yet our many allies go right on smiling like idiots and pretending everything’s just hunky-dory. Heck, they’re even willing to send their own children to die as long as we don’t ask for a number that would cause people to take to the streets (we like to keep friendly politicians in power, so we’re always willing to hash out details regarding how much blood we require).

If you’re country isn’t white, Christian, English-speaking, and democratic, you should be very afraid because even we don’t know who we might bomb next—although we're pretty much fixated on Iran at the moment. We have more weapons than most of the world’s countries put together, and it only takes the decision of one man to fire them. I don’t know how the world can trust any one person with that much power, much less when he’s the rotating leader of a country with the Orwellian view that War = Peace.

Actually, I think I know why much of the world supports America. I think it's because they're afraid of what America might do to them, and I think it's because they're afraid to be without American support and protection. After all, it can’t be because they love and respect us.