Things I love—a sequel to “Things I hate”

I love Peggy. She is kind and wise, and the best thing that ever happened to me.

I love baking crackers, cornbreads, and biscuits. I also love making soups and pancakes.

I love to write. I also love to read but not nearly as much as I love to write.

I love my new cat, Brewsky—aka Fuckface when Peggy isn’t around (“Isn’t that just like a man?” she would say.)

I love it when Peggy massages my shoulders each day.

I love the fact that, although I am in pain, I can still see, hear, and get around.

I love it that pain has made me stronger.

I love it that modern medicine has kept me alive when I would otherwise be dead.

I love camping with Peggy in remote areas.

I love learning about rocks and native plants.

I love oatmeal and mayonnaise but never together.

I love it that age has enabled me to give up most of my idolization of women. I love it that Peggy stayed with me during all the years before this was true.

I love having Ellie for a neighbor.

I love to dig. If I had my health back, and if digging didn't make such a mess, I could do it everyday simply for the joy of it.

I love living in the city instead of in the country.

I love it that I bike more often than I drive.

I love Peggy’s room, especially her “rabbit shrine” and her glass crystals that catch the sunlight and throw hundreds of rainbows.

I love PBS (Public Broadcasting Service).

I love a lot of Western movies and TV shows from before 1960 and a few after 1960.

I love it that I’m mostly unconcerned about what people think of me.

I love being able to do almost anything to a house that needs doing.

I love how much Peggy enjoys her button collection. I also love how much she enjoys her music collection and her Christmas ornaments.

I love my blog buddies.

I love Busby Berkeley dance numbers.

I love the beach, the desert, the forest, and the mountains.

I love keeping my house clean, orderly, and in good repair.

I love dark chocolate.

I love the bliss of narcotics in the middle of the night when pain awakens me.

I love the taste and the warm glow of hard liquor.

I love Baroque music. I also love cowboy music, both old and new.

I love the sound of an electric guitar.

I love my dog, Bonnie Blue, and I love my memories of dogs that have died.

I love cuddling in front of an old movie with a bowl of popcorn on a cold night.

I love having gained in prudence, knowledge, and wisdom over the years.

I love spring, summer, and fall.

I love coffee, strong and black.

I love making my yard look nice.

I love going to the nursery with Peggy to buy plants for our garden. I also love it when we go to Costco and say we’re having a “date.”


Natalie said...

I love many of the things you love too, Snow. I am sure I would love Peggy also, if I ever met her.
I love that you did a love list, I love that we are friends / blogging buddies, which amounts to the same. I love that we don't agree on spirituality, but we can love each other regardless. I would love to meet you both one day.♥

Snowbrush said...

Natalie said: "I love that we don't agree on spirituality, but we can love each other regardless."

I am grateful that you are able to love those with whom you disagree regarding issues that are so important to you, and, yes, I recognize that this would apply to me as well, but it's not only those virtues which we lack that we respect in others.

Miss Sadie said...

This is truly beautiful, Snow.

I'm really struggling with my chronic depression — a losing battle, I think (a least some days). But you've made me think of other things — things that are really important.

Thank you.

Snowbrush said...

Why, Miss Sadie, you're not a liberated poodle lady--er, woman--I'm sure, but be that as it may, I'm awfully sorry that you're a depressed one. Just give it time, my dear. It is 20 minutes away from February where I live, and it is already February where you are. The winter has been harsh in Canada, but springtime is on it's way from the far away lands to the south.

Natalie said...

Where are all those vocal people? Too positive for them? Nothing to attack you over?

kylie said...

great list, snow!

Snowbrush said...

Natalie said: "Where are all those vocal people? Too positive for them? Nothing to attack you over?"

Maybe they think I'm just jacking them around. After all, rumor has it that I have a warped sense of humor--I know this for a fact because I started the rumor. Or it could just be that it was pretty late here in the States when I published this. If they don't show up by this time tomorrow, maybe you can help me go look for them. If all else fails, I'll go back to being negative. It won't be easy, but I just know I'll succeed.

rhymeswithplague said...

Yesterday on the way to church, we passed the strangest church sign I have ever seen in my entire life, but now I know why I saw it: so I could pass it along to you. This week, the sign in front of Blessed Hope Baptist Church in unincorporated Free Home, Georgia, reads as follows: "Jesus is better than the finest chocolate."

rhymeswithplague said...

P.S. -- Regarding your seventeenth and thirty-eighth likes/loves, just now I am remembering Princess Summerfallwinterspring on the old Howdy Doody show with Buffalo Bob Smith and Clarabelle the Clown, who was really Captain Kangaroo in disguise. Perhaps Phineas T. Bluster was an early incarnation of Mr. Greenjeans.

Mortimer Snerd was from a different show.

The Tusk said...

You take the time to appreciate your blogging friends. I love that.

Your dreaming again even in stressful situations at night after a long meeting with your group of friends.

Your subconcious seems to be happy enough to challenge you to solve problems you are struggling with.

If I remeber correctly without looking back in your blog, there was water under one side of the house, not the whole house. When you looked I am going to presume from your description of the dream, there was a railing. This would be the Narcotics saving you from yourself. The pain that you are in at the time syou need your rest, a railing.

The other dream you were drviving your group, doubtless the number you stated 72, a school bus as I remember takes 66, why 72 you chose. I dare say your meeting had 72 exactly in it, and all of these would go with you. the Dream itself was filled with road signs but you missed one which instantly made the ride turn around facing whence you came. That would be where and when you came from.
This was a dream about your distrust in the direction you might be leading people, even though with confidence you now you would not lead anyone too far off track with out getting them back to where they should be. To you although your confidence is lacking in your self assuredness that you are leading the right and correct path, this of course was all self evident to you. Your subconcious is trying to get you to see what it might be that your missing. The answer was in your willingness to not admit to a missed curve because all was still safe and all was still traveling. The journey is not over be content with the direction and none of your group objected and contested the direction you were traveling. This your subconcious was telling you is pefectly Ok. The challenge still remains for you to be confident in the path you are taking people as a leader.

Suggestion, next time you see the lion, don't run for a gun, ask him a question. Nothing will happen to you in your subconcious that hasn't happened to you in real life.

Unless you were mauled by a mountain lion, this won't happen.
Stand up to your fear and confront your issue. Why not ask the lion, does this seem like a good time for my house to fall into a river.

He might advise you on how to stop the flow of water. Then of course using my theory, a mountain Lion has never spoken to you in real life either, so you probably wouldn't hear a thing it said. Unless of course like me, you believe in the wind, and the wind woyuld instruct the lion to cease chasing you and advise the lion to aid you and not stalk you.

I know snow you understood everything I said.

Putz said...

snow you are quite a guy, kind of putzy like me, but with true grit, very principled which i love about you

The Blog Fodder said...

Hi, Snowbrush. What a wonderful blog post. I would like to try that sometime, listing the things I love. Like the sound of leather on leather and the crack of a bat come spring. Peggy figures very high on your list of things you love and so it should be. I love people in love after many years and many trials and many triumphs. that is love.

rosaria said...

So good to see you, S. I like a lot of the same things, from reading your list,especially coffee and dark chocolate. And when Costco becomes "a date", now, that's a great thing.

Marion said...

I love this great list! I find I love many of the same things and it's super that you took the time to list them.

Costco is a rather expensive date, for Graham and I! Heh.

Robert the Skeptic said...

BBQ pork ribs, anything played on the banjo, and my wife.

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Well, aren't you a shiny happy today??? Love your list, Snow!

River said...

So much love Snowbrush. I can see why Peggy loves you. I share your love of western movies and music, also a lot of other things, but not summer. I hate the heat. We're having over 40 degrees lately and I'm dreaming of winter.

Zuzana said...

And I LOVE this post!
Thank you for sharing with us the things you love.
In contrast to things you hate, I can relate to many many of the things you mention here, such as the love for animals, nature - including beach, forest and mountains (not been to many deserts) good hard liquor, chocolate, coffee and gardening, just to mention a few.
I really enjoyed reading this,

Robin said...

Ah, Snow. my friend....I was hoping you would do a "Love List"!
We share a great many of those "loves"... (dark chocolate, coffee, nature - and Brewsky!)
He is a little "Demon-Doll" - look at him posing with Peggy!

I love the photo of Bonnie Blue....(I immediately think of "Bonnie Blue Butler"...the fictional daughter of Scarlett and Rhett!)

You are a literate. intelligent, humourous - and yes, sensitive man! I am happy we have met and are blogging friends!



♥ Robin ♥

Dave King said...

i'm with you on pretty well all of those, but the modern medicine gets my vote.

Punk Chopsticks said...

(“Isn’t that just like a man?” she would say.)

LMAO!!! Btw, I love that you wrote this post. i love how it made me feel so much more grateful for everything. I love that I still ove the name Snowbrush XD

Sonia ;) said...

I love you Snow, sorry I have been so caught up in work for this damn promotion. I miss you too and will email you and stop by here more just for you my dear friend.


Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Snow .. nice to meet you and thank you for coming over to my blog.

It's great I came to this post and found all the things you love .. and meeting Peggy, Bonnie Blue, the sparking ornaments and Brewsky .. and enjoying life generally - fun - thanks for the insight .. cheers Hilary

Phoenix said...

And I love your blog :)

re: your comment on my post, "I don't think of happiness as already existing within us, but rather as something we have the capacity to experience", I think you're absolutely right. I think that's what I was probably trying to say on my blog but you found a much better way to say it! Happiness of course isn't just floating around inside us, but what does come from within - not from outside - is that capacity to be happy, to be grateful, to appreciate life and love and so on. So thank you for helping me clarify my own ideas!

I truly enjoyed your love post. I'm about to sort of write my hate post right now (something political that's just tearing me up inside) but it's a fantastic idea. So glad I met you and I'm grateful to be a new follower :)

Kass said...

It's refreshing to read of all the things you love.

Thanks for dropping by my blog.

Rita said...

I love the fact that Peggy puts up with your constant whining. She's a saint.

Gattina said...

You love so many things that I think your list would be shorter if you had listed the things you don't like, lol !

You could participate in Cats on Tuesday with Brewsky on my here on my Cats and Funny Stories blog !

Lee Johnson said...

Do we get to hear a list of things you hate, just to balance it out?


(Okay, somebody had to say it.)

Snowbrush said...

Lee said: "Do we get to hear a list of things you hate..."

Lee, you are only the second follower whom I know in person. As to your question, just scroll down three posts. This post was in response to a similar challenge (a few of them, actually) to the "Things I hate" post.

Lee Johnson said...

Ah, I should have made the factitious nature of my comment a little clearer. The comments in response to your "Thinks I hate" post are filled with people asking you for a list of things you love. Yet people never ask for the opposite. It seemed like somebody needed to even the score over on this one. :)

Snowbrush said...

I understand, Lee. I had thought you missed the second half of the title.

Anonymous said...

And I love you.

nollyposh said...

Weeeeel will ya look at that now... We have HEAPS infact most of those Loves in common! Now who woulda thunked that! *Wink*

kj said...

i wouldn't have wanted to miss this post for anything. i'm glad i didn't.

blog buddies and gardens. that's got to be at least one third of the world's happiness.


Laura said...

That is a great list. :)


Gaston Studio said...

Good to see you got your link fixed Snow; when I first tried visiting, it got me no where.

Ahhhh, I love most of what you do too. Well, maybe not Peggy, but I'm sure I'd love her too if I knew her.

Just_because_today said...

Let's see Snow how much we have in common:
I love writing
I love my dog (not so much my cat but a pet nevertheless)
I like dark chocolate, but dont love it.
I love wine...close to hard liquor? it's alcohol!
I love my blogger buddies.

Ok, enough in common, wouldn't you say?

Marion said...

Great post, Snow. You're a true romantic. (Tee-Hee). It's a rare man that admits loving chocolate, much less a cat. We love YOU!

Love & Blessings,

Skepticat said...

I'm glad I finally got access to this post. Very glad too that you are finding happiness in your life!

I love people who challenge me and do it graciously. That's just one reason why I will always faithfully read whatever you write.

Thank you for being you.

Lorraina said...

I was sure i had left a comment but scrolling through i didn't see it; guess i meant to come back and forgot.
I love your list Snow, and i love that you posted it! I was going to make a list too but sometimes think it would be too short, other times too long or simple or vast.
Either way it's the sort of thing i know you (and i, if i make one)would love to return to many times because you (and i) will forget some of our loves otherwise.

Snowbrush said...

Lorraina, I had thought that my list of "hates" would be longer than my list of "loves," but I came up with all but a very few of these very easily, and the last three or four I added the next day, scarcely able to believe that I had forgotten them.

Skepticat, I don't know what the access problem was. One more person mentioned it--or maybe that person was you--but I have no explanation.

Marion said: "It's a rare man that admits loving chocolate, much less a cat."

I didn't know this, and am surprised by it. Most men beyond their middle years probably don't have a pet, but of those who do, it is my experience that they are about equally divided between cats and dogs. However, it might appear that more prefer dogs because no one takes their cat for a brisk walk or a game of frisbee.

Gaylene said...

So sweet! Thanks for coming by my blog the other day! I appreciate it!

pink dogwood said...

I love this post.

Happy Valentines Day my friend.

babbler said...

Dear Mr. Snowbrush, I loved your list of loves! Just for you, I will ask all of my slimy fellow slugs to stay outta your garden.
Mrs. Slug

rhymeswithplague said...

Snow, I get worried about you when you don't everything all right out there? Are you having some bad days healthwise? I would come out there and dance a jig for you and Peggy to make you laugh, but unfortunately I have that old Italian disease: mafunzalo....

RNSANE said...

Hey, snow, that was quite an impressive list. I'm glad to see that you actually love quite a few things and we even share some loves. They help us get through the bad days, that's for sure. I hope you and Peggy spent a special Valentine's Day, even if you just stayed home ( especially if you stayed home ). Though I have no sweetheart, did write a poem!

Kerry said...

I love this post. I think I should make a list like this, adding to it as I think of things; I could then refer to it after having an experience like the one at your doctor's office. It would be like an antidote.

All Consuming said...

I love the photo of Peggy and Fuckface, it's brilliant and of course I love you. X

C Woods said...

Hi Snow ---I just read your hate & love posts. One can tell a lot about a person by what they love and hate.

And since I agreed with almost all of your loves and hates to one degree or another, you must be an upstanding citizen of the world.

I also agreed with one other follower --- that your blog is one of the few where the comments are almost as entertaining as the posts. You have a great bunch of readers, but I attribute their responses to your thought-provoking (and sometimes simply provoking) posts.

You mentioned that you love spring, summer and fall. Do you have much winter weather in OR? Now that we are retired, my husband and I are looking to move to a more moderate climate. OR is one place we are considering ---in part for climate, but also for it higher (than average) percentage of freethinkers.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I left a response for you there.

Snowbrush said...

C Woods said: "Do you have much winter weather in OR?"

Different parts of Oregon have radically different weather year-round. Most Oregonians live in the Willamette Valley, which lies in western Oregon and is about 40 miles wide and 100 miles long. Portland, Eugene, and Salem are the largest cities in Oregon (in that order), and they are all in the Valley.

Summers in the Valley are dry and pleasant, Winters are wet (we get almost no snow) and no colder than south Mississippi, which is where I'm from. The Valley is also known for its liberal voting record, and Eugene (where I live) is called The Berkeley of the North. Unless the gray winters get to you, I think you would probably like it here.

Snowbrush said...

P.S. A little more about Oregon. It's one of the largest states, but it's two-thirds unpopulated (mostly) desert. There are also rain forests (also empty of people) and numerous mountain ranges, some of which are old and low, and others that exceed 10,000 feet. Just listening to the weather forecast is a trip because places that are close together often have radically different forecasts. Here in downtown Eugene, snow is rare, but the surrounding hills often get snow. Because of these hills, Eugene is sometimes described as looking like a bird's nest. If you decide to give Oregon a look-over, let me know, and I'll try to be a good resource for you.

Mim said...

I love this post.

Mad Mind said...

Now this is an awesome list Snow. I love your list.