The lesser of two evils is still an evil

I shall vote…whimsically. I shall look at my ballot, and I shall see who is running because the only two I’ve heard about are the only two that the super rich want me to hear about (were talking a $2.5 billion campaign here). But shall I vote for Obama or Romney? Naaay, I shall not vote for the Lying Christian Nobel Peace Prize Winning Hit-Man in Chief or for the Lying Christian Foot-in-His-Mouth Buffoon Who Would be Chief. Perhaps, I shall vote for a Green, or a Libertarian, or a Communist (voting for a Communist sounds like great fun in this The Land of the Free and the Home of Brave where Communists used to be deported even if they were citizens). If an anarchist were running for president, I might even vote for an anarchist. I am really excited for me myself to find out who I shall vote for because I haven’t seen my ballot yet, so I only know who Mr. and Mrs. Worth A. Billion want me to vote for. 

You might say that I will be wasting my ballot if I don’t vote for Obama or Romney, but I will say that it is better to waste my ballot than to use it in support of endless war abroad and increasing poverty at home, and do I think either Obama or Romney has the vision, the integrity, or even the popular support to take this country in a new direction? Naaay! If Obama and Romney represent the crème de la escargot of The Land of the Free and the Home of Brave (sorry, foreigners, but we’re freer and braver than you, and we don’t mind saying so either), then we are truly, irretrievably, irredeemably, unremittingly, and forever more screwed, so let the few of us who aren’t too fat to do so bend over now and kiss our asses goodbye.



Helen said...

Bravo .. Snowbrush! For telling it like it is!

lotta joy said...

The "I'm so rich it's illegal" people have an agenda for Obama. Whatever that agenda is, scares me. There's just something 'not right' about Obama getting elected to begin with.

The poor people who want Obama, wouldn't want a job if he made one available.

The "I'm so rich...but not THAT rich" people who want Romney in, just want the brotherhood of lower taxes for the rich to continue.

The poor people who want Romney in, are just hoping for "any one but" Obama.

If I was religious and believed the bible, I SWEAR I would think Obama was the antichrist: personality and the backing of the "powers that be" in high places, are in alignment.

I think Roy Rogers would be a good president. Of course he's dead, but that's just another vote in his favor over the two live options we've got.

Deb said...

I was debating whether to even vote this year. It's either the stupid Mormon buffoon or the socialist who makes EVERYONE "happy" two months before election time. All political gain. Politics is crap, and our country is going towards that direction sadly.

KC said...

Voting for anyone except a Republican is wasted in Utah too. I feel your pain.

julie said...

I wish I could tell you that it will matter, but in reality neither politician is going to

~Stop the Keystone Pipeline
~Stop Monsanto from continuing to poison food
~ Neither will ignore the drumbeat coming from Israel to go to war with Iran
~ Neither is going to create jobs by rebuilding our failing infrastructure
~ Neither will stop foreclosures
~ Neither will stop the US wars and occupations all over the world and bring our troops home to jobs and decent housing.
~ Neither is will do anything about the rape of our planet and global warming.
~ stop the war on drugs
~ force a living wage
~ neither is interested in homelessness, hunger, lack of health care
~ the working poor
~ education
and on and on....
Roseanne Barr is running on the Green ticket.....and she gave one heck of an announcement speech...
and all this said..I wonder if the American people aren't getting exactly what we deserve if for no other reason than we only seem to pay attention to what is going on in the world if it directly effects us....and then few speak out. Democracy depends on US.
Sorry, it looks like I'm trying to high jack your blog...but I'm going to push PUBLISH anyway...

julie said...


The Elephant's Child said...

It doesn't matter who you (or I in our local elections next month) vote for - we will get a politician.

Snowbrush said...

"I think Roy Rogers would be a good president."

He certainly seemed to have integrity, but other than that, I don't know what you see in him. Jimmy Carter was the last president whose integrity I had any confidence in and, like Roy Rogers, he was a devout Christian. I mention this in order to say that I don't necessarily see religious conviction as a reason to reject a candidate, although it worries me when a person's belief in God's guidance is such that he won't listen to reason, as was the case with Bush II.

"Sorry, it looks like I'm trying to high jack your blog...but I'm going to push PUBLISH anyway..."

Oh, Julie, please don't concern yourself about that in the least. I welcome your comments. In fact, I'm grateful for them because you put thought into what you're saying.

"It doesn't matter who you (or I in our local elections next month) vote for - we will get a politician."

I have every confidence that a great many--if not most--people who run for office really want to do a good job. Maybe this is even true of Obama and Romney. I don't know what's in their hearts. I do know that they were both on 60 Minutes (I should say that it's a popular TV show because I'm sure some people won't know) last Sunday, and I listened to Romney (who was interviewed first) for maybe five minutes, after which I realized that he had been given the questions in advance and was providing scripted answers. I also realized that I wouldn't believe anything either of them said anyway, so there was really no point in listening. I don't like being so cynical, but that's how I see things, at least at the national level.

Hi there, Deb.

"Voting for anyone except a Republican is wasted in Utah too."

Yep, the most beautiful states are usually the most conservative due the fact that they're rural..

Strayer said...

Vote for me, Snow! I need the big fat pay check. I need a new set of tattered T shirts. I need some new flip flops. Vote for me. I'll take the check for the first year and resign, citing, um, severe mental disease. So vote for Jody the Cat Lady for president, because she needs the bucks and a vacation too would be nice. I'll throw a big huge party for everyone in the country before I resign. It will be fabulous. I'll use most of the Pentagon's budget for the next two years to pay for that party!

Snowbrush said...

"I'll throw a big huge party for everyone in the country"

Can cats come too?

Strayer said...

Of course they cats can come to my party, Snow. Duh. Have not decided about humans though. Not yet sure if they would behave themselves at all. Now cats, they never behave but they don't kill people, start wars, devote much of their time to piling up stuff and padding their bank accounts. Nope. So humans, they come with so many issues, doubt they could drop them for a roaring good time. But vote for me!

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Considering some third parties myself. I found the survey at ISideWith website enlightening!

Winifred said...

Have to say it seems that you are in a bit of a pickle. Nobody you really want to vote for. As we say Hobson's Choice!

Well Snowbrush, we have the same dilemma in the UK. Posh Boys or not quite so Posh Boys! However I'd take the not so Posh Boy any day rather than what we have now. Posh Boy Cameron & his Conservatives (think Thatcher & a rough equation to your Republicans) are clueless about ordinary people's problems, no matter what they say they have always ensured that the rich get richer & everybody else gets dumped on. As we say here, nowt changes! So for me I'd always vote against the Conservatives even if I'm not keen on their opposition. I go for the lesser of the evils!

The Blog Fodder said...

O might be better than R but won't really CHANGE things that much. Too many people avoid third party because of the lesser of two evils. I think you are right to consider third party.
We had a provincial election in Saskatchewan a few years back where the third party (centrist) was everyone's second choice. Best leader, best platform, best candidates. But everyone was afraid to vote for them because they hated the Left or Right so much and so voted either right or Left to keep the other party out. It was crazy. Sometimes I think we need the Romanovs, Stuarts and the Bourbons back as monarchs.