Thoughts Upon Learning that Trump has Covid

During Tuesday's 90-minute debate, Trump yelled almost nonstop at  both Biden and the Fox News moderator and interrupted them 128 times. During the 2016 debate, he interrupted Hilary Clinton a mere 51 times, but he did it while pacing behind her.

Q* is a Filipino muckraker who passes himself off as an American government insider, and is wildly popular with Trumpians, because while they have no problem with ignoring logic, science, and legitimate media sources, they're just as eager to embrace absurdities that serve their political ends. 

Q regularly accuses Democrats of running pedophile rings and performing Satanic rituals during which they drink the blood of toddlers.  Yesterday, I heard Trump call Q's lies "a good thing."  When Trump was running for president in 2016, Republicans said that they were tired of Democrats thinking they were stupid, so they wasted no time in proving it.

The U.S. has 4% of the world's population but 25% of its Covid cases (213,052 Americans have died of Covid). Trump regularly mocks people who wear masks, claims that the virus will go away "as if by magic," and has been holding large rallies during which it's hard to spot a single mask wearer except for the ones who are on the speaker's stand behind Trump--after all, Trump's health matters. He has even held these rallies in places that have mask mandates. During this week's debate, Trump ridiculed Biden for mask-wearing, and Trump and Trump's family refused to honor the Cleveland Clinic's mask requirement.

Last night, it was announced that Mr. and Mrs. Trump had been added to the day's roster of 36,000 Americans who were diagnosed with what Trump insists on calling the "China Virus." Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell reacted  to the news by continuing to promise that he will bring Trump's recent Supreme Court appointment to a vote in less than a month despite having stalled an Obama appointment for ten and a half months by arguing that appointments shouldn't be voted on during an election year. 

Perhaps, the Trumpian insanity will soon come to an end, either thanks to Covid or to the November election. If the latter should occur, who knows what all those Republicans will do with all their assault rifles? After all, their "Great Leader" has been doing his utmost to insure violence should he lose, and his followers are not among the world's most stable people.



Elephant's Child said...

I am surprised that he didn't come down with it before.
My partner (usually much less vitriolic about politicians) said that he hope it hit him hard - because otherwise it would simply reinforce his more or less constant dismissal of it as just a flu.
We watch, we wait, and hope that he doesn't get a sympathy vote.

Tom said...

If Trump loses, I gotta believe that he will leave office the way any other defeated president has left office -- sadly, maybe a little resentfully, but peacefully. I also gotta believe that 90+% of Trump voters are Americans first, before they are Trumpers, and they will not even think of responding with violence. Sure, there might be a few ultra-right-wingers who may riot and break windows and start fires and shoot off guns -- just like there are a few violent left-wingers -- but I don't see why the proper authorities can't take care of them, hopefully without any loss of life.

Actually, while I don't ever wish anyone ill, what I fear is that Trump will experience only a few symptoms and recover quickly, and so instead of being chastened by the disease, he will be back out there strutting and swaggering around saying Covid is nothing to worry about. That would clearly cause loss of life, so I hope that's not what happens.

Sue said...

Dear Snowbrush, per the CDC, a few days ago, deaths from Covid amount to around 205,000. Last time i checked, the US population is around 330,000,000. So it looks like the percentage of covid deaths is less than 1%. And many people who become seriously ill from covid also have other health problems. Last year, before covid, the nursing home people didn't want people visiting if they were coughing and blowing their nose.

Covid, while a real flu, is keeping millions and millions of people from their livelihoods, and that's not healthy.

As for Q's report about occultish weirdos, i seriously doubt one has to be registered democrat in order to join their fancy-schmancy goat-clubs. While i don't know who Q is, i do know there are some really nasty people out there, "in high places." Oh wait, the Bible warns us about that.
i don't know if Trump was wearing a mask, but from what i understand, it is likely the people behind our President had to wear masks, a requirement that Donald Trump had no authority to override. As president, there's rules he has to follow; he's not allowed to just jump in his car and go for a burger.

Andrew said...

While it is wrong to wish ill to anyone, a taste of proper COVID illness for #45 might just help your country.

Strayer said...

How does one comment on Trump getting Covid. How could anyone be surprised? He and his people don't even really believe in it. I guess I figured be a matter of time. Now's the time. Good luck Trump people. I don't mean that. I don't even care anymore. Like no one cares much about anything except screaming insults of the worst kind, dishonesty, attack everyone, demand total adoration and loyalty (you know, worship your dear leader). I'll stop now. There is no joy in America anymore. It's not allowed. Only anger and lies and everything I always thought to be evil. Now evil is the new normal.

Emma Springfield said...

I prefer the landslide election option. It will let him know that we really want someone else to lead our country.

Snowbrush said...

"There is no joy in America anymore...evil is the new normal."

My memory extends back to Dwight Eisenhower, and while I've strongly disapproved of numerous presidents (Ford, Carter, and Kennedy, were the only ones I greatly respected), prior to Trump, I was never consumed by hatred for one. I also abhorred many people's political choices, yet, for the most part, I was able to regard those people as well-meaning but mistaken as opposed to utterly depraved. All that is gone. No matter what happens, the harm that Trump and his followers have done will not end during my lifetime, and probably not during many lifetimes. Initially, I imagined that his followers simply failed to realize what manner of man he really was, but now I know that they knew, that it was why they elected him, and it's not lost on me that they almost invariably worship the Christian deity.

After last week's debate, I knew that I was done with trying to understand such people simply because it is so very frightening to contemplate the thought that millions upon millions of my fellow citizens are so utterly lacking in intelligence and integrity that they would support a man like Trump. Either they will succeed in destroying the ideals upon which America was built, or they will be stopped, but if they're stopped, it won't be because we all found a way to work together for the common good, good in their eyes being a "strong man" dictatorship. It's as though the values of the Enlightenment are again going toe-to-toe with the values of religion, oppression and ignorance, in a battle that can never be finally won. I relate completely to what you say, but it is vitally important that we not give up.

Snowbrush said...

"My partner...said that he hope it hit him hard - because otherwise it would simply reinforce his more or less constant dismissal of it as just a flu."

Ordinary people are told to stay home with Covid until their breathing is compromised (in which case, it's often too late to save them), while Trump was helicoptered to a hospital within hours of his diagnosis. He has since been under the care of large numbers of specialists, and is receiving a treatment that is still being denied to most people. So, if he bounces back, he would find it hard to claim that Covid is no worse than "a mild flu."

"If Trump loses, I gotta believe that he will leave office the way any other defeated president has left office -- sadly, maybe a little resentfully, but peacefully. I also gotta believe that 90+% of Trump voters are Americans first, before they are Trumpers, and they will not even think of responding with violence."

Trump poisons all that he touches. Prior to winning the 2016 election, he encouraged his followers to break the law and commit violence, and so I see no reason to think that he--and they--will behave far worse if he loses the 2020 election. Trump is not a man who ever rises to the occasion, and I am far more pessimistic regarding the character and intelligence of his followers than are you.

Snowbrush said...

Tom wrote: "Actually, while I don't ever wish anyone ill, what I fear is that Trump will experience only a few symptoms and recover quickly..." and Andrew wrote: "While it is wrong to wish ill to anyone, a taste of proper COVID illness for #45 might just help your country."

You guys seem to be saying that, while you don't wish ill to Trump, you nonetheless hope he will be gravely ill. To my ears, this sounds like a contradiction between what you think you should want and what you actually do want. Like you, I wish Trump ill for the greater good, but instead of wishing for a limit to his suffering, I'm fairly jumping up and down while chanting, "Die, Asshole! Die, in misery and panic you stupid mother-fucker!" Everyday for four years, I've seen an increase in the existential threat that Trump poses to America combined with a grave threat to the rest of the world, and thanks to the nuttiness of himself and his followers, I see no way that he will ever be anything but a threat, and that this will be true even if he loses the coming election. If me wishing Trump dead had the power to kill Trump, then Trump will never write another Tweet or see another dawn, but I fear that the quality care he has denied to others will be used to save him, Chris Christie, Kellyanne Conway, the priest/president of Notre Dame, and other prominent Republicans

"Covid, while a real flu, is keeping millions and millions of people from their livelihoods, and that's not healthy."

Why do you call it "a real flu," and What are you proposing--a complete return to a pre-Covid lifestyle based upon imagined economic benefits combined with your belief that Covid just isn't that bad anyway? If this is the case, how do you feel about current, science-based, projections that would see US Covid deaths through December doubling the current tally? My thought about what's "healthy" is that the nation would have a coherent, consistent, science-based approach to mitigating Covid that would soon allow the economy to prosper. What I think I hear you proposing is the ready acceptance of what the military would call an unimaginable amount of "collateral damage."

"While i don't know who Q is..."

Sue, you appear to be an informed person, so how can it be that you've never heard of Q Anon? I feel about your statement the way I felt about the statement of another conservative (I think you're a conservative) who said she had never heard of Sean Hannity, i.e. it barely seems possible.

"While i don't know who Q is...i do know there are some really nasty people out there, "in high places.'"

Do I misunderstood you, or do you have reference to Democrats holding Satanic rituals during which they drink the blood of slaughtered children? How many more people would you have show up pizza parlors with AR-15s in order to rescue the children whom Hilary Clinton is holding hostage?

"I prefer the landslide election option. It will let him know that we really want someone else to lead our country."

It seems to me that Trump and his followers are immune to accepting truths that don't suit his purposes, and therefore the loss of the election would be interpreted as the Deep State theft of the election.

rhymeswithplague said...

I don't know who Q is either, but I am in my dotage.

Gemma's person said...

Did you hear the news that there is evidence in Hillary's own hand that says she planned the whole Russian/Trump conspiracy story, to throw them off of her trail on the using of her personal computer to pass U.S. secrets to foreign entities?
Pres. Obama was informed in private about all the details and how they had to be careful. Michelle knew as well as Biden.
Comey and his cohorts in the office knew it was all made up and tried to cover their part in it .

Starshine Twinkletoes said...

Gillian posting about Hilary, Obama or anyone else is a case of 'don't look at one person who is burning a house down! Look at another house that we heard was burnt down by other people!' If anything it says Trump is definitely a nightmare which is interesting as people who deflect when they don't like the direction of a topic don't realise that it tends to strengthen the original post. The whole 'what about them though?' is neither use or ornament when a president in office is killing the people of his country. It's on a par with genocide. He's the most dangerous man on the planet and the similarities with dictators and their disregard for their own people is clear as day , his agenda is for himself alone. It will take his supporters to start losing their grandparents, their parents and yes, even children have died of it, before they stop pointing at other people to blame and stop making excuses for his behaviour. I'm ashamed of Boris, I'm ashamed of Brexit and the farce it has become, but I'd be scared shitless if I was American and lived in a country where so many are still supporting a man who lies on tape then denies it. That isn't an american president, they have all had dignity and all loved America, I absolutely believe that. Trump would sell the US to anyone who offered him enough money and do it for as many lives as it cost. Those who made a mistake when they voted him in have a chance to save lives by not doing the same again, I hope to all the Gods they take that chance and run with it. Otherwise, on their heads be the lost lives that follow.

Snowbrush said...

"I don't know who Q is either, but I am in my dotage."

Because you and I so fervently, frequently, and unrestrainedly, express our intense doting for one another; Peggy has understandably grown jealous. Might you, your wife, Peggy, and I, meet on Zoom in order to assure her that, despite us being desperately in love, we have no immediate plans to become lovers? If this doesn't happen, then I don't know my marriage will survive until our fiftieth anniversary next year. Last night, she repeatedly mumbled the words "alienation of affection" in her sleep.

"The whole 'what about them though?' is neither use or ornament when a president in office is killing the people of his country."

Rule 1 of Republican debate: Attack and Deflect.
Rule 2 of Republican debate: Deflect and Attack.
Rule 3: Repeat Rule 1.
Rule 4: Repeat Rule 2.
Do this every time and in response to every issue.

Yes, when a person's sole defense consists of going on the offense and changing the subject regardless of the question asked or the criticism raised, it implies that he or she has nothing intelligent to offer. Trump has spent four years doing his utmost to turn Republicans against scientists, Democrats, the press, immigrants, LGBTs, racial and ethnic minorities, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, our European allies, and so on. In response, his supporters give every evidence of regarding him as incapable of wrong, and they refer to him as "the most Christian president America has ever had."

If Biden wins, I see no possibility of Republicans treating him any better than they treated Obama (with the exception of their race-based attacks on Obama's person and name), which means that they will block everything he tries to accomplish, having concluded that their best hope of winning support for the Republican Party is by insuring the failure of the Democratic Party (which they call the Democrat Party--thankfully, I've yet to hear a Democrat fall to the low of saying "the Republic Party"). I have tried--despairingly tried, but tried nonetheless--to keep my heart open to Trumpians, but I'm at an end. As I write this, six of them have been arrested for attempting to kidnap the Democratic governor of Michigan. No doubt, Trump and his party will disavow any responsibility for this, although Trump has often encouraged lawbreaking and violence, including within the state of Michigan by speaking approvingly of a gun-toting Republican mob forcing its way into Michigan's legislature in order to intimidate Democratic lawmakers.

rhymeswithplague said...

Did you forget to take your medicine again?

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Snow, please send me your email

I don’t know what to say about Trump. I don’t know how any parent of a daughter can look at her and say to her that it’s OK to have a leader who thinks they can grab her by the pussy. I recently watched a documentary called hacking your mind it’s on PBS. It’s made me try to refrain from the political fray because I’m really sick of it And I’m sick of feeling manipulated into hating others. That is what the Russians want.

I just want a leader who is kind. I want a leader who follows the rules. How can we continue to teach children to follow the rules and turn the other cheek when our leaders cannot?

Marion said...

I find it hilarious that you are wishing a man dead and in the next sentence expounding on some wacko, unproven conspiracy theory while Joe Biden has been proven to be a traitor to this country, as has his drug addict, prostitute-visiting, influence peddling son!

You want a president who would sell influence to the highest communist bidder? DO SOME RESEARCH ON YOUR PROFESSIONAL POLITICIAN!

Then there’s Twitter censoring information about a presidential candidate. God help us.

Sigh. Y’all are blind, deaf and DUMB!!!

MAGA! I’m behind President Trump, all the way! ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

Snowbrush said...

I don't know who Q is..."

Rhymes, I heard that Trump spoke to a crowd of 7,000 in Macon, Georgia, a few days ago--did you attend? As for your ignorance of the existence of QAnon (which both the FBI and the Southern Poverty Law Center designated a threat to national security), Marjorie Taylor Greene is a QAnon follower who is running for Congress IN YOUR AREA if not in your actual district, and not a day goes by but what QAnon isn't in the news for its latest outrage (it's now claiming that John Kennedy Junior didn't really die in that plane crash but is alive and well and about to turn America into a socialist dictatorship). In trying to understand your ignorance of QAnon, all I can come up with is that you get your news from Fox, and I've observed that Fox avoids mentioning QAnon by name, perhaps because they see QAnon as a potential competitor. By contrast, Fox trashes Antifa to the point that you have twice suggested that it is unfair of me to criticize Trump unless I devote a portion of the post to criticizing Antifa (which the FBI calls an "ideology, not an organization;" even as the SPLC has argued that, should the Trump administration label Antifa a terrorist group, Trump would, in effect, be waging a war on freedom of speech. So, Rhymes, how is it that you are fixated on the largely imaginary threat posed by a group that doesn't encourage violence and doesn't encourage the carrying of guns, while ignoring the grave threat of massively armed groups of nationalistic Jew-hating, racists who are openly seeking to "cleanse" America with a second Civil War?

Snowbrush said...

Marion, two or three posts ago, you swore-off discussing politics on my blog, so why are you, yet again, discussing politics on my blog? My objection to your change of heart isn't due to the fact that you changed your mind, but to the fact that your sole contribution pm the subject of politics has never gone beyond attacking, ignoring my questions, and making fantastic claims that you can't back-up (eg "Joe Biden has been proven to be a traitor to this country"). Today I find that you not only violated your promise to avoid discussing politics, you deleted the comment in which you made the promise, and then you went on to delete every comment you made in the eight or ten comment frames that I examined). Although I might do it bitching and moaning, I can tolerate a fair amount of craziness and unpleasantness, but I draw the line at dishonesty because if I can't trust someone to tell me the truth, then I can't know who I'm talking to. This is where I find myself with you based upon the fact that you withhold important information, and you regularly contradict yourself. I'll limit myself to three examples: (1) For at least a decade, you wrote glowingly of your love affair with owning and shooting guns, plus you boasted of your lifetime membership in the National Rifle Association. Now you describe yourself as someone who neither owns guns nor knows about guns! (2) When, a month or two ago, I asked why you had started to refuse my every comment to your every post (regardless of the nature of the comment), you said that you had ACCIDENTALLY deleted some of them, yet by "some," you apparently meant ALL. (3) Six weeks ago, you asked for my email address so that you could share some things that you didn't wish to appear on your blog or mine. I gave it to you, but you never wrote which wouldn't have been a problem had I trusted you more, but my trust in you--that started to erode in 2016--has continued to decline, and this has made me suspicious of your motive for wanting my address.

My need to understand how a person of integrity and compassion can justify (to herself) her support of such a man such as Trump has inspired me to plead with you to talk openly about your views, but you've refused, and, things between us have so deteriorated that I see no way to turn this around is no turning it around, and so it is that I would prefer that you not comment when I post about Trump. Likewise, if my comments to your blog so offend you that you won't allow them even when they are unrelated to politics, and even when I am doing my utmost to avoid giving offense, then I see no reason for leaving comments on your blog.

rhymeswithplague said...

I sent you a long reply but it may have gone off into the void, I don’t know.

rhymeswithplague said...

I sent you a long reply, but it may have gone off into the void, I don’t know.

rhymeswithplague said...

I will try to re-create the comment that didn’t make it. Here goes.

In the fall of 1960, when I was working at Santa Fe Railroad’s office in downtown Fort Worth, LBJ came through for a midday campaign rally on behalf of himself and JFK. A great many blocks were cordoned off for the thousands of people who were expected to flock there. I remarked to a co-worker that I wouldn’t cross the street to see Lyndon Johnson. I feel the same way about Donald Trump. Drive three hours to Macon? It ain’t gonna happen. Just to be exposed to COVID? Sorry. But no. I looked up Marjorie Green. She is running in Georgia’s 14th district and I’m in the 11th, so she isn’t on my radar. The races in the news bere are the two (yes, two) senate seats. Perdue v. Ossoff and the Warnock-Loeffler-Collins battle for Johnny Isaacson’s seat. Some news I’m just oblivious to. QAnon and Antifa seem to me to be the lunatic fringe on the right and the left, respectively. As for Antifa being A largely imagined threat posed by a group that doesn’t encourage violence, can you say “Portland”?

I just noticed this reply is under your comment to Marion and not you’re comment to me so I hope you can sort things out. I don’t want to type it all a third time.

rhymeswithplague said...

I put my second attempt at a reply under your comment to Marion by mistake. Hope these are getting through. Sorry.

rhymeswithplague said...

This is the third time now that I am trying to reply to your response to my comment and I'm about to give up trying. THe first two attempts were from my iPhone but this one is on my desktop computer. Maybe the third time will be charm. Who knows? If not, I give up. Here goes:

In 1960, when I worked in the office of Santa Fe Railroad in Fort Worth (between college and the Air Force), LBJ came to town to hold a midweek midday rally as part of the JFK campaign. Many streets and blocks were cordoned off to accommodate the expected crowds and many were excited at the prospect. I remarked to a co-worker, "I wouldn't cross the street to see LBJ." Knowing that, you think I would drive three hours to Macon to see Donald Trump? And possibly contract COVID-19 to boot? No way. It ain't going to (and didn't) happen.

We do watch The Five on FOX News on TV, but when I'm in the car we often listen to NPR. I know, I am a strange duck.

I looked up Marjorie Greene. She is running in the 14th congressional district. I live in the 11th, so she hasn't been on my radar. Here in Georgia the big contests are for the two (yes, two) Senate seats, one between David Perdue and Jon Ossoff to succeed Perdue, and the other a "special election" in which more than a dozen candidates of both parties are all jumbled together in a race to fill out the unexpired term of Johnny Isaacson, who retired for health reasons. THe "Big Three" candidates seem to be David Warnock (Democrat, black, pastor of Ebenezer Baptist CHurch in Atlanta), Kelly Loeffner (Republican, was appointed by GOvernor Brian Kemp as Senator until this election could be held), and Doug Collins (Republican, Congressman who sits on the House Judiciary Committee). They're going at it hot and heavy with the TV ads and accusations in all directions. I don't think I have seen even one ad for Marjorie Greene.

QAnong and Antifa both seem to me to be the lunatic fringe of their respective directions (right and left, respectively). But to say Antifa is a "largely imaginary threat posed by a group that doesn't encourage violence", are you serious? Can you say "PORTLAND"???

Please give your opinions on the sterling characteristicss of Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, and Adam Schiff sometime. Marion will probablygo ballistic.

Each one of these attempted comments is a bit different. I hope some of them get through.

Snowbrush said...

Five comments from Rhymes! Hip hip hooray! May my unworthy responses be like a favorite fragrance to his nostrils.

"The races in the news bere are the two (yes, two) senate seats. Perdue v. Ossof"

You wouldn't believe how often Georgia makes the national news. Then again, if you get at least some of your news from sources other than Fox, perhaps you do know. Senator Perdue being a case in point, or as Kamala Harris might be tempted to say it. PerDOOEY, PERdooey dooey dooey dooeydoo. So do you think he made an honest mistake (that is, is he a moron who spent years in the Senate with her without ever learning to say her name?) or was he simply being an asshole when he said: "Kah-mah-la or Kah-ma-la or Kamala-mala-mala, I don’t know, whatever”? And does the man also not know that socialism can be the result of the sort of free and open election that Georgia's Republican politicians are doing their utmost to deny to its black and Democratic citizens?

The Republican Party once had as its slogan "Character Matters," but with the coming of Trump and Trump imitators like Purdue, it abandoned all claims to decency, replacing them with "win at any cost," and "the end justifies the means," attributes that it once ascribed to the hated Communists in order to prove that American democracy would triumph. You certainly know a lot more about them than I do, so I would ask you why Republicans don't appear to worry that by abandoning courtesy (eg. calling the Democratic Party the "Democrat Party"); abandoning fairplay and compassion (as I write, the government is finally admitting that it has custody of 535 immigrant children that it can't find parents for and that, furthermore, it doesn't care what happens to these children because their parents should have stayed where they were and watched their children starve, be murdered, or be kidnapped as sex slaves instead of attempting to bring them to safety); engaging in race-baiting (eg. calling the Democratic nominee for vice-president "Kamala-mala-mala"); ignoring even the pretense of holding honesty as a virtue ("I will never vote for a Supreme Court nominee during an election year [unless, of course, I do--nudge, nudge, wink, wink],"); and causing tens of thousands of deaths by attacking pandemic experts while ignoring means--like mask-wearing--of reducing the incidence of Covid, (as Trump has said many times: "It's going to disappear. One day it's like a miracle, it will disappear"). Then there's the willingness of the Republican Party and white evangelicalism to so align themselves that they appear to have been cut from the same cloth. Because of this enthusiasm for making the two inseparable, do you not worry that if the masses (the youth of which are becoming rapidly secularized anyway) turn against the one, they will also turn against the other as its equally evil twin?


Snowbrush said...

Where is Jesus in all this? If I should go to your church, would I hear a sermon in which I was told that it is the duty of every Christian to vote Republican, and, over the "refreshment" table would I hear Biden being trashed? These things happen, you know, this despite the fact that it's illegal and Christians were forbidden to perform illegal acts. I hope you will watch the following interview in which an evangelical pastor describes the punishment meted out in evangelical churches, not just to Democrats, but even to those who support equal rights for black people! The interview is from Amanpour and Company:

Maybe you can tell me, whatever happened to the religion that formerly exhorted its members to, "Do right, and trust God"? Christians uphold themselves as the moral light of the world, even going so far as to claim that they alone can be the moral light of the world because they alone enjoy the benefits of God's strength and guidance. They say this, and then they proudly go out and vote for people like Trump, Perdue, Graham, and McConnell, and, as if this weren't bad enough, they do their utmost to destroy the careers of every science and politician--but especially those of their own party--who stands up for reason, for ethics, and who speaks out against their hypocrisy and immorality. I saw Fauci on 60 Minutes on Sunday, and heard him say that it's not he alone who is receiving credible death threats, it's his wife and children, yet I've yet to hear a single Republican leader who condemn these things. Does this mean that they approve of them, or do they simply worry that their families will also receive death threats if they say something that Trump doesn't like?

As for some of the other things you wrote:

I would have crossed the street to see LBJ, but when, in 2016, Trump appeared across the street from where I now live (he spoke at the Lane County Convention Center), I didn't go--although a lot of protestors did. Trump is so obviously unfit for any purpose whatsoever that in trying to understand why anyone would support him, I've wondered if I should have gone because I've speculated that there's surely some charisma he exudes in person that doesn't come across in other ways, and I would like to understand that. However, if this were the case, many of his worst enemies wouldn't have come from the ranks of people who were once close to him. This can only mean that his appeal is to certain personality types, with literalistic religion and authoritarianism being important factors.

continued one more time...

Snowbrush said...

Antifa versus QAnon. I view Antifa is a jack-ass--and jack-shit--outfit whose adherents don't seem to care that they are playing into Trump's hands, perhaps because they figure that the sooner and the more spectacular the nation's fall, the quicker anarchism can take hold. However, Antifa has never, to my knowledge, endorsed guns or even pepper spray. Trumpians, of course, don't much bother with property destruction, because their hearts are so set upon harming people. For example, Trumpian caravans--in which Black Lives Matter flags were dragged beneath pick-ups and SUVS--have raced through Portland ignoring traffic laws and shooting bear spray at everyone who came within range, including people who were simply trying to cross the street in marked crosswalks. In Portland, as in other places, they used their vehicles as lethal weapons and also in Portland, they ran down someone. Although a gun-wielding Antifa supporter (being fascistic, Antifa doesn't have members) killed a Trumper, no one, to my knowledge has labeled Antifa a "terrorist organization," and I've yet to read anything they wrote in which they endorsed lethal violence, although they have, of course, assaulted the police in less than lethal ways. Despite his oath to uphold the law, Trump, on several occasions, called the killing of that anti-fascist murderer "retribution," and it did indeed seem likely that his own killing was murder in that the marshals didn't identify themselves and the man died with his gun in his pocket. If he had been black, there would have been hell to pay for those marshals, but, being white, little was said. Perhaps if Biden wins, this will change since Trump would only have pardoned his killers anyway.

So, on to the next debate. Let's hope that Trump will continue to make his character undeniable by yelling in the direction of Biden's open mike, and that he will again blame the governor of Michigan for making those nice your men attempt to kidnap and murder her, perhaps shooting up the capitol at the same time. Well, if they are convicted, he will doubtless pardon them at the same time he pardons himself for his own crimes, past and future. His new Supreme Court nominee expressed no problem with him doing so--or with criminalizing homosexuality for that matter. The bigger problem for me is that Republicans are behind him all the way, which means that even if he loses the election, I will never be able to wipe from the mind the knowledge that over 90% of those in your Party are behind the president no matter what he does.