Why I Will Shoot You Dead if You Try to Take Away My Assault Rifle

Democrats are too stupid to realize that gun control laws won’t work because criminals won’t obey them. 

Gun violence is the price that a freedom-loving people pay for living in a free country.

Without guns, peace becomes impossible. 

Despite having strict gun control laws, the people of Chicago and New York City shoot one another all the time. Clearly, gun control doesn’t work.

Guns aren’t the problem; guns are the solution. 

Problems precede solutions, so if we didn’t have guns, finding a solution to gun violence would be impossible. What is the solution to school shootings?...

Arm every teacher, close every window, lower every blind, station armed guards at every door, install body scanners, x-ray backpacks, and use any and all other means to protect our children as long as those means don’t impinge upon the Constitutional right of every American to go through life armed-to-the-teeth in order to protect themselves.

Emotions are running too high right now to discuss gun control. We should wait until we’ve gone a year or two without a mass shooting.

If Democrats really cared about protecting children, they wouldn’t politicize the problem. This just goes to show what hypocrites they are.

America doesn’t have a gun problem; America has a mental health problem. This is why so many Americans are crazy.

Remington plans to name its new high capacity assault rifle The Uvalde in honor of the children who died needlessly because their teachers weren’t armed. Gun manufacturers aren’t interested in making money but in selling good people guns so we can protect ourselves from the bad people they sell guns to.

Biden’s goal isn’t to protect our children, but to take away our guns so we can’t stop him from taking away our other freedoms. Democrats only voted for a man like that because they hate their country and want to destroy it.

I feel close to God when I send my thoughts and prayers to the victims and their families. I know that prayer works, and that God will protect the people I’m praying for. Their kids might be dead, but my prayers will at least keep the parents safe.

Teachers who are unwilling to shoot people who threaten their students should go to work for KFC or some other place that mass murderers don’t frequent. 

God, not man, gave me the right to keep and bear arms. Giving up my guns would be like throwing God’s gift back in his face, and only a fool would throw things at God.

If Obama didn’t believe that guns protect people, he wouldn’t hide behind heavily armed bodyguards.

A lot of us Republicans are unwilling to pass laws to save the lives of children, but if it was pregnant women who were being murdered, that would be another matter because we care deeply about fertilized eggs, embryos, and fetuses. It’s only after babies are born that we lose interest, it being hard to love things that shit on themselves.

To summarize why I love guns in one word: Samuel L. Jackson.

Women need guns more than men because they’re the ones who get raped. I’m a 73-year-old man, and if someone tried to rape me, I would say, “Dude, are you blind!?”

God only helps those who help themselves, and he gave us guns for this purpose. Don’t ask for God’s help until you run out of bullets.

Every dumb-ass knows that fewer assault rifles would mean fewer dead children, but living guns are more useful than living children.

I saw an inspirational t-shirt at a gun show that read “A Lot of People Are Only Alive Because It Would Be Illegal to Shoot Them.” Graveyards would contain a lot more dead people if I could have legally shot every asshole who pissed me off.

The gun lobby speaks for me when it says, “I will only give up my gun when they pry my cold, dead finger from around its trigger.”

John Lennon speaks for me when he sings Happiness is a Warm Gun. Every time I hear that song, I remember that God always makes things happen for a reason, and the only reason he could have for making a man who was killed by a gun sing about how much he loved guns is that God loves guns.

Carrying a gun makes me feel I’m God because it gives me the power of life and death. For instance, I’ll be walking down the street smiling ear-to-ear because I’ll be thinking that if someone looks at me funny, I can shoot him dead right then and there because no matter how bad-ass he is, my .357 magnum makes me badder. That’s one hell of powerful feeling to have, so imagine how much more powerful that man in Vegas must have felt when he shot not just one person, and not just 100 people, but 500 people! Every time I replay the sound of his big old .50 cal, it gives me goosebumps because that’s how God sounds.

Foreign women drool and faint when they’re in the presence of an American man because they know that only men who carry guns are real men. Compared to American men, European men are like cardboard cut-outs that become flaccid in the rain. This is why European women would trade any fifty of their men for a single American man.

While it’s true that some children die after getting shot, the tough kids and the resilient kids walk away stronger for the experience. What’s more, every last one of them leaves the hospital knowing that if they had been carrying an assault rifle that day, the only corpse would have belonged to the bad guy. 

I personally look forward to the day when a school shooting survivor stands up at an NRA convention and tells the world how important it is that every American twelve years old and older carry an assault rifle. Ukrainian kids do it, yet Ukrainian kids are sissies compared to American kids.

If you don’t love guns, then you can’t love children because God made them both. Satan made Democrats, and because Satan is a liar, Democrats are lying when they say they care about children.

If we made gun ownership mandatory, people would treat one another better because they would be afraid the other man might shoot them before they could shoot him.

If we banned guns, mass murderers would use bombs, which means that not only would more children be killed, the schools themselves would be destroyed. I’ve heard Democrats argue that if the students were all dead, the schools wouldn’t be needed, but they only say this because they’re too stupid to realize that empty schools could be turned into homes for the elderly.

I need guns to protect me and my family. Without a gun, what am I supposed to do when my second grader is being shot at—throw sardines?

Except for the ones who own guns, students, actors, teachers, and emergency room doctors have no business talking about gun control because they’re prejudiced. I knew a man who wouldn’t even take a shower without his .45. Now, that’s the kind of man who has something useful to say about gun control. The world would be better off if we all stayed in our lane instead of straying into other people’s lanes. Too many wrecks happen that way.

God couldn’t be everywhere, so he gave us guns. “Thank you, Lord, for sending your son to die on the cross so that the people of America can own all the guns we want. We commit our lives to serving you, the NRA, and Donald Trump. Let’s hear it now: USA! USA! USA!

Even if we destroyed every gun on earth and made it impossible to replace them, people would still get shot, and their survivors would still need guns to keep other people from getting shot.

Guns don’t kill people; people kill people. Until I pick it up, my assault rifle is no more dangerous than the Easter Bunny, but after I pick it up, my neighbors run behind a concrete wall.

I’ve kept one loaded assault rifle on my coffee table and another beside my bed since 1989, and none of them guns has shot a single person. The only time that one of them even went off was when my wife forgot to engage the safety while dusting it. The only “person” killed was her piano, which was shot 24 times, but she didn’t play it anyway.

Crime goes down when gun ownership goes up because when there are millions of guns on the market, criminals don’t have to steal them. This is what’s called a reverse ratio.

Criminals are less likely to shoot at you if they know you’re carrying a gun. This is especially true if they can see that your gun holds more bullets than their gun.

Gun violence exists because bad people have too many guns and good people have too few guns. If we make gun ownership mandatory, bad people will be outgunned.

The Second Amendment to the Constitution gives me the right to buy all the guns I can afford and to carry all the guns my arms can hold. 

The Uvalde shooter, like all mass murderers was a “transsexual leftist illegal alien.” (https://www.businessinsider.com/texas-shooting-uvalde-paul-gosar-touts-false-claim-transgender-woman-2022-5). Therefore, the goal shouldn’t be outlawing guns but imprisoning illegals, chicken-shit cowards, Hillary Clinton, and Democrats who run pedophile sex rings out of DC pizza parlors.

I have given you a lot of sound reasons for why I will shoot you dead if you try to take away my guns. If you still don’t see things my way, you’re either an idiot or a Communist, and I hope you rot in hell. 



P.S. I’m going to be real with you now. If you think I made all this stuff up, visit the NRA website, listen to right-wing legislators, talk with gun loving family members, tune-in to conservative talk radio, and check-out gun rights newsgroups. No one does more to make the gun lobby look like a walking nightmare than the gun lobby itself. Just as the Republican Party has labeled the attempted violent takeover of the US government on January 6, legitimate political discourse,”* it has been bought-and-paid-for by people who claim to be Christian, yet have no particular problem with children being so mutilated by exploding bullets that their faces are unrecognizable.** Despite their worship of Satan in the form of an assault rifle, these Republicans claim that their love for Christ gives them a monopoly on love and morality. Were it not so, the 268 mass shootings that have occurred in America as of June 1, might be hard to stomach.




Andrew said...

Impeccable logic, not. The view from afar is despair and knowledge that little will change.

kylie said...

I'm sorry to say this but I sometimes wonder if Americans are the dumbest people on the planet.

And that style of Christianity bears no relationship to the Jesus I know

Elephant's Child said...


PhilipH said...

What a picture you paint of America's dilemma with guns. How could this be resolved? I've no idea. It's so deeply embedded in the way of life, the law, the constitution and the "rights" of people in America as to be blasphemous to BAN the right to bear arms.

It could create another civil war.

I suppose it's possible to create a new law which states that it is illegal to SELL and/or buy guns. It's the sheer ease in getting hold of weapons that is the most ridiculous aspect of the law.

Sadly, whatever the law, man's inhumanity to man continues apace - globally.

mimmylynn said...

You have no idea how much I appreciate your sarcasm. AR-15's have no place in civilized homes. Teachers with guns would have to secure them so students had no access. Perhaps if they ask a shooter to wait as they unlock the place where the gun is stored, wait as they locate the bullets and load the gun, and allow the teacher to shoot them. Yes arming teachers is the answer.

Fred said...

The Dems are incapable of passing anything of significance on guns and the Reps won't. The economy and inflation are the top items on voter's minds. Dems likely loose house and possibly senate this year. Roll it all up and the most probable outcome is we get very little at best. Reps have become expert at selecting divisive issues and providing no solutions to real problems. Dems are excellent at lack of long-term strategic planning. We desperately need a third party that can broker compromises. Both parties have seen to it that will not occur. Look for loads more of the same at best. Worst case will be a slide into authoritarianism with very little hope of an exit. Don't worry though, there will be lots of prayers for all.

Snowbrush said...

"The view from afar is despair and knowledge that little will change."

The public can be extremely long-suffering right up until it becomes so fed-up that it swings too far in the opposite direction. Of course, it's hard for me to imagine that it's even possible to swing too far away from what's happening now in terms of gun ownership. While I was putting this post online, four people were murdered in a single incident in Oklahoma. Over the weekend, ten people were shot in separate incidents in (nearby) Portland, 40 in Philadelphia, 51 in Chicago, etc. Because of the evergrowing enormity of the problem, and the evergrowing clamor for change in order to put and end to MORE THAN ONE MASS MURDER A DAY combined with more or less constant stories of small children being killed by stray bullets while watching TV in their living rooms or gurgling happily while riding down the street in their car seats, I would guess that some change might actually occur, but that it will be cosmetic rather than substantive.

"I sometimes wonder if Americans are the dumbest people on the planet."

If I went overseas, I would want to say to everyone I met, "Please forgive me for being an American because despite what you might think, I'm not really a complete raving moron." On the other hand, I must give my country credit for contributing heavily in the fields of medicine, technology, space travel, etc. Students from the world over come to study in American universities, and the rest of the world regularly benefits from American discoveries. Yet, it is widely believed on the part of America's Trumpian Christians that Americans are superior to the rest of the world's people by virtue of the fact that God favors us, but that for God to keep favoring us, we have to put an end to the "government sanctioned sins" of abortion, birth control, gay marriage, vaccine mandates, support for transgender people, separation of church and state, etc. Gun ownership is seen by Republicans as vital to ensuring God's favor because the day will come when they have to prevent their nation from being taken over from within by "Godless socialists" like Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton. Prior to Trump, Democrats held forth the idea that people on both sides of the political aisle essentially want many of the same things (clean air, safe streets, a good education for their kids, etc.), so we simply need to focus on what we can accomplish together instead of being fixated on our differences. The naivete of this belief became apparent when Trump was elected, and his hateful intolerance made it acceptable for Republicans to abandon even the appearance of acting with good faith and integrity. They have instead come to claim that compromise is untenable because there can be no compromise with sin. Therefore, all victory all the time is possible--with God's help, of course.

to be continued

The Blog Fodder said...

Took me a couple paragraphs as I am slow. You laid out the stupidity of the pro-gun arguments just perfectly. Well done. The bit about your wife shooting the piano was priceless. I do hope enough people get mad to vote blue in November but I hold no hope that it will do any good as they will not count the votes.

Strayer said...

That's scary stuff, Snow. I didn't realize some gun toters are that nuts. Really scary.

Snowbrush said...

"And that style of Christianity bears no relationship to the Jesus I know"

But they also claim to "know" Jesus, and just as you can quote Bible verses to prove you're right, they can quote Bible verses to prove that they're right (for example, the one in which Jesus told his followers to, "Sell your winter coats, and use the money to buy swords"). I grew up in a church of hatred (the fundamentalist Church of Christ) whose members never lost a theological argument, the reason being that they could quote verses from memory to "prove" their every claim. If you quoted a verse proving they were wrong, they would assure you that your interpretation of that verse was wrong, probably because you hadn't given your full heart to God, and therefore Satan was guiding your understanding. One has to wonder why God couldn't have either written a better book or, better yet, isn't making his/her/its wishes known to us in real time. This very day, he could end every war and wipe away every tear. He could in this very instant make of earth a paradise, yet he just sits there, watching sparrow after sparrow fall and child after child get shot, but not saving a single one.

In this country, it's very popular at public funerals to sing "Amazing Grace" (often to the accompaniment of bagpipes if any are available). A few times now, I've heard this song thanking God for sending his son to save a "worm like I" (or the euphemism "a wretch like me"), at or near the funerals of the murdered children in Uvalde. Little children are so sinful that they need God's forgiveness? How about God asking their forgiveness for allowing them to get shot? All the promise, all the joy, all the everything that these children would have felt, done, given, and experienced, has been destroyed because millions upon millions of Americans love guns more than they love life. Meanwhile, God is sitting on his throne in paradise and doing nothing that I can see. He could have caused the gun to jam, or given the killer a stomach ache, or caused a gnat to fly into his eye, things that would have taken no effort at all for a tireless deity, so why didn't he? I don't believe God exists so you might argue that I have no dog in the fight, yet I live in a country that is ruled by believers (Biden can scarcely open his mouth without saying the word God), millions of whom assure me that God wants them to have guns. It's the atheists who are, almost to a person, anti-gun while it's the evangelical Christians who proudly stand at the forefront of gun ownership. They're like the church people of my childhood in that they cling to the Bible's hateful verses while ignoring its loving ones, yet if they're right God about God having written the hateful verses, how, then, does one distinguish between God and Satan? ...I know I'm a trial to you, Kylie, but it's truly not you I'm attacking. If all believers were like you, this world would be a wonderful place in which to live.

Snowbrush said...

"It's so deeply embedded in the way of life, the law, the constitution and the 'rights' of people in America..."

Here's the part of the Constitution that supposedly gives every nutcase the right to walk around with military-grade weaponry: "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." That's it. That's the whole thing. What being a gun-toting idiot has to do with "a well regulated militia" or the "security of a free state," I can't imagine, because it just looks to me like gun worshippers are a grave threat to such things, many of them being like the people who tried to violently overthrow the US government in order to keep Donald Trump in office despite the fact that he lost the election.

"It's the sheer ease in getting hold of weapons that is the most ridiculous aspect of the law."
Alongside other guns, untraceable--and effective--guns are legally made here on 3D printers (from kits that anyone can order off the Internet), and the US is responsible for arming the criminals who are vying with their government for control of Mexico, a country that has strict gun laws. This proximity to a source of illegal guns is why gun regulations don't work in places like NYC and Chicago.

"You have no idea how much I appreciate your sarcasm."
And you have no idea how much I appreciate your praise. When the Uvalde shootings happened, I was determined to NOT write about them because I didn't want to immerse myself in rage and sadness, and because I couldn't imagine what I might say that thousands of other people wouldn't say better than I. Then, I realized that I could pull it off if I could do it with humor. Black humor, to be sure. Humor that a lot of people wouldn't understand (and might take seriously); humor that other people would regard as callous; yet humor that I could dwell upon for the many hours that it took to write this post, and that would enable me to write this post without feeling that I was dying inside. As my last post shows, I'm not doing well in life right now, yet I have writing skills, and I want to use them for good, and this post is one way of doing that. If nothing else, it's at least different because, for better or worse, it takes a special kind of person to pull off using humor in response to children being blown to bits followed by millions of my fellow citizens claiming that lax gun laws are unrelated to such events. Since Uvalde, 20 mass shootings have happened in America, yet according to the pro-gun people, the role of guns in these shootings is that of innocent bystanders. They think they can rationalize their way out of any damn thing, and that the rest of us will say, "Yes, of course, that makes sense. Guns are our friends, and if we arm teachers, preachers, doctors, shoppers, plant managers, college students, and so on, we can blast the bad guys right into hell... As I write this, a radio newscaster is saying that a man just used a gun to kill himself and two women in a church (https://www.desmoinesregister.com/story/news/2022/06/02/shooting-iowa-ames-cornerstone-church-3-people-dead-sheriff/7492598001/). Gun lovers will do what they always do and argue that the women should have been armed.

To be continued...

Snowbrush said...

"The economy and inflation are the top items on voter's minds."

It's a major concern. If the DOW drops 1,000 points, voters tend to swing to whichever party isn't in power. Human rights and the environment are treated as luxuries--if that.

"Don't worry though, there will be lots of prayers for all."

Oh, not just prayers, but "thoughts and prayers." What could be more obscene than this belief that the same god who did nothing to save the lives of children might also neglect to comfort their families unless someone with a private line to heaven asks him to? What makes such a deity worthy of worship? Well, what I was told back when I was a kid was that God was lonely in heaven, and he made us so that he would have someone other than angels to worship him (why an eternity of angelic Hallelujah Choruses was inadequate, I don't know. One guess I've heard is that angels lack free will, but if this is true, how could Lucifer have led a revolt?). However, the claim is that our love would be meaningless to God unless he gave us the freedom to not love him but, sad to say, having free choice means that some of us go out and murder children, attack Ukraine, torment cats, pull the legs off houseflies, vote for Trump, etc.... Come to think of it, being loved was what school shooters wanted, and they killed people because they didn't get it. Does this not mean that school shooters and God are two of a kind, and that if they don't get what they want, we will all pay a dreadful price?

Snowbrush said...

"You laid out the stupidity of the pro-gun arguments just perfectly."

Thank you. I keep thinking of things I wish I had thought to add based upon my years of exposure to pro-gun rhetoric. Sadly, the possibility of negotiation on this or any issue is almost nonexistent because America has become so divided that for anyone on either side to compromise to the smallest extent is unthinkable. This locks people in to taking stupid positions because to demur is to be seen as a traitor although, in their hearts, most people probably aren't as extreme as they appear.

"Well done. The bit about your wife shooting the piano was priceless."

I truly did wonder what an assault rifle would do to an upright piano. Maybe you know that they fire bullets that reach speeds of mach-two and are designed to tumble and break apart inside the body. This is why Uvalde's dead could only be identified by their DNA.

"I do hope enough people get mad to vote blue in November but I hold no hope that it will do any good as they will not count the votes."

I wouldn't, by and large, trust Republicans to certify a Democratic victory because I see the extremes that they're going to keep Democrats from voting. They study Democratic voting patterns, and close the polls at those times--and on those days--when Democrats are more likely to vote. Democrats prefer to vote by mail, so Republican officials in conservative states are outlawing voting by mail. Republicans are also redividing voting districts in order to break-up Democratic districts and put Democratic voters into districts where their votes won't count because they are outnumbered by Republicans. Black people tend to vote Democratic, so Republicans are discarding ballots from majority black precincts on any pretext. For example, if an i isn't dotted, or if an e looks like it could be an i on a person's registration form, that person's ballot is thrown out. Texas is also making it a day-long affair to vote in cities (Republicans tend to live in rural areas, and Democrats in urban areas) in order to discourage Democrats from voting. The threat to our democracy from foreign powers is nothing compared to the threat from the Party of Trump. To call someone an honorable Republican is all but an oxymoron.

You laid out the stupidity of the pro-gun arguments just perfectly. Well done. The bit about your wife shooting the piano was priceless. I do hope enough people get mad to vote blue in November but I hold no hope that it will do any good as they will not count the votes.

"Took me a couple paragraphs as I am slow."

Based upon long experience with how people react to my blacker humor, I'm sure there are people who never did "get it." Peggy expressed this very concern, but I still told myself, "Nearly everyone who will read this knows me and won't think I'm REALLY speaking for myself."

"I didn't realize some gun toters are that nuts."

Along with the sources I mentioned, it's also true that I've seen gun ownership from both sides of the aisle. For instance, I used to have a "concealed carry" permit, and was an active National Rifle Association member (with a black cap to prove it!), although this was years ago when the organization was less hardline. I even knew an NRA member who took his .45 to the shower (he put it in a ziploc bag), and I really did feel the power that comes from walking down the street with a little secret, the secret being that I was carrying a stainless steel Smith and Wesson in a break-away fanny pack.

Winifred said...

WOW Snow for a minute I thought you were throwing a wobbler!

I never saw a gun until I went to Spain for a holiday many years ago. The police & Civil Guard have been armed there for years, I suppose after Franco's regime they were used to it but it scared the life out of me seeing them.

It was sad to see our police being armed in airports after the terrorist attacks but on a day to day basis we never see a gun, thankfully! Our complaint now is we never see a police officer!

It's so sad what's happening in the world today, there are many problems & violence seems to be increasing everywhere. I look at what's happening in Ukraine & despair. I don't know what the answer is & worry about the future for our children & grandchildren. I just hope we never think that guns are the way to resolve the problem.

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

As a former (and hopefully not future) teacher, I'm not trusted to choose my curriculum any longer thanks to the Republican'ts. How in Hell would I be trusted to have a gun on campus. It's worked in Australia ... Let's TRY SOMETHING cause doing nothing ain't working!

kj said...

I'll be honest snow: this was so disgusting and distressing that I had to skim.

I find the American support, almost half of the country, for guns and assault rifles to be unbelievable and unreal. Every one is vulnerable and yet I can't fathom how a parent or family member or friend could accept that vulnerability for the people we love.

It's insane.

I know you took a lot of time to compile and write this, Snow. I think you should get it prominently published .

Snowbrush said...

"I don't know what the answer is & worry about the future for our children & grandchildren."

Peggy and I didn't have children, so that's one less worry, but I, too, am pessimistic. Worse yet, young people are pessimistic. I can but hope that they'll someday mobilize.

"I just hope we never think that guns are the way to resolve the problem."

I assume that you're not talking about America. Most members of America's Republican Party claim that criminals will have guns no matter what, so in order to stop them, law-abiding people also need guns.

"It's worked in Australia ... Let's TRY SOMETHING cause doing nothing ain't working!"
Everyday that goes by makes it less likely that a gun control bill will pass in the Senate, but even if it does, it will only be a start.

"I find the American support, almost half of the country, for guns and assault rifles to be unbelievable and unreal."

I do too. It's one of many things that makes it hard for me to think of Republicans in any terms but misguided, ignorant, selfish, unjust, and self-serving. To my knowledge, I only have two Republican readers, and only one of them drops by fairly often. She has been with me for years, but ours has not been a happy relationship. A few weeks ago, I proposed to her that we correspond privately, but avoid the subject of politics, at least until we reach a point that we can discuss it from a heart level. She agreed and wrote me a very nice long letter.

When her second long letter came, it consisted of an all-out attack that I had done nothing to inspire. I will now copy and paste as much of it as I read: "FIRSTLY: I do not & never will have a COVID vaccine or any other vaccine.  I got a flu shot once, many moons ago & it was the only time in my life I got the flu! Twelve gay/bisexual men have Monkeypox & Biden wants to rape the government AGAIN and add more money into his & Pfizer’s offshore accounts by AGAIN forcefully & needlessly vaccinating the whole country.  He’s 100% apeshit, demented & crazy.  At the rate he’s draining the (in debt) treasury & pissing off Putin sending Hellfire missile carrying Drones to Ukraine, we’re all going to be gone…you, first! You’re near the coast! That whole Ukraine war crap is 90% bullshit to extort money.  Zelenskyy owns a condo in Florida worth millions!  I’m sure Biden/Pelosi/Clintons are getting kickbacks. Our country has NO LEADERS! We are rudderless…  They’re all worse than the Mafia!  Yes, I believe this. I won’t EVEN go into the biolabs there supported by our fucked up government, thank you, Obama."

I had done my best to relate lovingly and intelligently to a Trumpian Republican, and when I got this piece of homophobic conspiratorial drivel, I regretted having tried. These people are beyond the pale in terms of decency and intelligence.

Snowbrush said...

P.S. Every sentence in the quoted letter was followed by a long row of angry emoticons, but they didn't show up when I pasted it.

How do we know said...

I'm from India. Just paused to say that:
A. Your post is brilliantly written.
B. Everyone around the world feels angry about these shootings. Every single human being, I think. Our prayers are with you.

Anonymous said...

Snow, I believe I know who this is and if so, she shocked me with her anger long ago regarding our fantasy houses on blogland lane. Sometimes it’s best to give up and move on

Snowbrush said...

"Your post is brilliantly written."

Thank you.

"Snow, I believe I know who this is and if so, she shocked me with her anger long ago regarding our fantasy houses on blogland lane. Sometimes it’s best to give up and move on."

Her response contained a lot more that I quoted, but I never read it. Somewhere along the way, she justified the kinds of things I did quote by saying: "It's who I am."
Well, my derogatory posts about some of the things she values also represent who I am, but I had wanted to move beyond that in our correspondence. Interestingly, on her blog, she rarely discusses the kinds of politically things that she wrote to me about, although I had initiated our correspondence with the expressed condition that we wouldn't discuss politics. I don't know if she didn't know how deranged she would sound to someone like I, or what, but I found myself getting the biggest dose ever of the very thing I had said I didn't want.

I knew that Blogland was started after Renee's death, but I don't know that I ever wrote much for it--does it still exist.

Marion said...

❄️ Snow, thank you for the nice, friendly post on my blog recently. I enjoyed reading it, so I came on back, as you suggested.

You had me going there… I’m your antithesis, sort of, but not really.. I speak with all the authority of my flea-market prayer bead collection and my dragonfly tramp stamp. And, beware, I can expertly milk a quid pro quo. :-)

I see mentions of my first Canadian guardian Angel, Renee! We were besties, soul friends, for way too short a time….I keep a photo of her on my desk along with the many snail mail letters/cards and tchotchkes we exchanged. We talked on the phone several times for hours… Her blog changed my life in a good, holy way…for which I will forever be grateful to her. In spite of her dying, she was always upbeat and encouraging to me. She kept me writing poetry when I wanted to give up…BTW, she agreed that my imaginary blog address was blatantly stolen! �� (I don’t even recall the “anonymous” person who brought that up from over 10 years ago…the grudge holding termagant!) Renee & I had a good belly guffaw over it.

Isn't it kind of silly to think that tearing someone else down builds you up? “Deranged”…really? Come on, now. I can flip the script and say the same about y’all, but I don’t think you’re deranged, just misinformed. Am I not entitled to my own opinions & political beliefs without being ridiculed & tattled about online to a bunch of strangers?

I am not and have never been homophobic! I was referring to a NEWS ARTICLE:

Here’s my source (MSNBC) about Monkeypox: HEADING: “WHO recommends gay and bisexual men limit sexual partners to reduce the spread of monkeypox”.

“Men who have sex with men are at the highest risk of infection right now from monkeypox, according to the WHO.

About 99% of cases are among men, and at least 95% of those patients are men who have sex with other men, according to WHO official Rosamund Lewis.

WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said men who have sex with men should consider limiting their sexual partners to lower their risk of infection and reduce the spread.

The WHO chief called on media, public health authorities and government to fight stigma and discrimination, which he said will only fuel the outbreak.”

*(They’ve since added that bisexual men should get that vaccine, too.)

I’ve had several wonderful, close gay friends who later died of AIDS. We were so close we spent almost every weekend at my Mom’s house on the lake… I spoke to Keith the day before AIDS killed him in the 80’s. He called to tell me how much he loved me and how much it meant for our family to accept and love him unconditionally. He was estranged from his family.

The world is full of us, the bereaved, misunderstood and the broken who limp on knife edges every day… but still keep on keeping on.

It’s sad and a bit pitiful to see adults gossiping about me like snooty, hair-tossing, bullying, gum smacking jr. high girls! Y’all should know by your age that everyone of us is fighting viciously hard battles daily, soul-killing battles, and physically unbearable pain battles, no matter what our politics are. Be kind.

Kindness is healing. I highly you all try it.

Blessings ����‍♀️���� ✌�� ~Marion

“How would your life be different if…You stopped making negative judgmental assumptions about people you encounter? Let today be the day…You look for the good in everyone you meet and respect their journey.”
― Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free

“The good you do today will be forgotten tomorrow. Do good anyway. **** Honesty and frankness make you vulnerable. Be honest and frank anyway.” ~Kent M. Keith

Snowbrush said...

Marion, I had to think hard about approving your comment because it is completely off-topic. My decision was to allow it this time, but to let you know that I won't allow future off-topic comments beyond this time and this discussion

"I am not and have never been homophobic! I was referring to a NEWS ARTICLE."

Marion, I knew what you were referring to, but I questioned your motives for referring to it. To proclaim that you care deeply about LGBT people even while supporting politicians who run on a platform of hatred for LGBT people is like being a pro-Jewish Nazi.

"I can flip the script and say the same about y’all, but I don’t think you’re deranged, just misinformed."

I don't know who "ya'll" is, but I very much believe that you're beyond misinformed when you make outlandish statements that you have no evidence for (for example, that vaccines cause the diseases they're supposed to prevent, and that Zelensky is a wealthy war profiteer who owns a luxury condo in Florida). I don't know how far into Q territory a person needs to go before s/he is clinically unhealthy psychologically, but I worry about you on this score. I'm also aware that you possess some very admirable attributes, among them loyalty, perseverance, and an appreciation for for poetry, nature, and non-human beings.

"It’s sad and a bit pitiful to see adults gossiping about me like snooty, hair-tossing, bullying, gum smacking jr. high girls! Be kind."

You presume to teach kindness while ignoring the fact you are doing so in a manner that is insulting and slanderous. I don't know what to say.